Front Office & Student Information

There are many sub-tasks performed by the front office staff like responding to admission inquiries and assigning enrollment numbers, ID cards, RFID cards to students. The Front office & student information module has all such features to carry the afore said tasks. Apart from these, they can set the calendar for the upcoming events, holidays or exams. The Front office staff can handle the inward/outward and visitor’s management.

  • Student Admission Enquiry
  • Student Admission Enrollment
  • Student ID card (printing)
  • Student RFID CARD
  • Inward / Outward management
  • Outside visitors management
  • Online Registration for Events (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Standard set of Certificates (School Leaving, Bonafide)
Manage Human Resource

The Human Resource Department is the core module of any organization. They need to be aware of the staff working in the organization. Maintaining an organized and updated record cuts down the efforts of the HR department for carrying out the regular tasks like staff attendance, ID card printing, new hiring, issuing official letters and generating pay slips to the employees.

  • Staff attendance through Biometric / RFID
  • Staff admission (non teaching, teaching)
  • Staff ID card printing
  • HR related letters printing
  • Pay slip generation (optional)
  • Leave record
All academics

iSYNC ERP provides a platform to the teachers to update about the homework and assignments on daily basis. Similarly, they can give reviews and get feedback from the students on the portal.

  • Assignment and Homework (Daily Update)
  • Student Attendence Management System
  • Feedbacks and reviews on Students
  • Co-Scholastic and Scholastic Grades and remarks input
  • Result (Customised report card display & print)
  • Class Time-Table (display & print)
    • Subject
    • Teacher
  • Activity / Event Time-Table
  • Examination Time-Table (display & print)
Fees generation and account

For an organization ensuring the accounting department is stable is pivotal in the growth of the business. Although there are many background tasks that are carried by the Accounts department some of the basic information like displaying fee structure, Fee receipt Printing and Offline reconciliation file import-export support is easily possible in iSYNC ERP. 

  • Fees Structure (Display Only)
  • Balance Fee payment through linking payment gateway
  • Fee receipt Printing
  • Fee alert SMS
  • Push Alert
  • Offline reconciliation file import-export support
  • Integration of Accounting Modules as per customization and requirement plan
Location Tracking
Location Tracking

In order to ensure that the safety of the students and the staff while they are commuting to the institute and way back to their homes. In iSYNC ERP portal, the standard routes of the bus can be displayed. The scheduled stoppages and timing of the buses are also possible to be shown.

  • Display of standard bus route
  • Stoppages with timings for to and fro
  • Real time GPS tracker (optional)
  • SMS notification
Channels of Communication

It is proven that effective communication is one of the building blocks of successful organizations. Communication is a source of information for all the members of the institution. iSYNC ERP includes all the major channels of communication between the management and the stakeholders of the institution. Email, SMS and Push notifications can be sent by the portal.

  • EMAIL Notification
  • SMS Notification
  • PUSH Notification
  • Communication Portal for Parents
  • Communication Portal for Teachers
  • News and Circulars Dashboard
A Customized iSYNC ERP Portal

We build for you a customized iSYNC ERP portal that blends perfectly with the thoughts of your esteemed organization. As per the requirements of your institution the modules can be added, edited or deleted. Our technical team would take up a feasibility study of the organization and recommend you the best solution that suits you. Existing Website, RFID, Biometric devices, etc. shall be studied by our expertise members before integration with iSYNC ERP.

  • Any other module that can be added and customized as per School’s need
  • Feasibility study to be done by the technical team
  • Existing Website, RFID, Bio-metric devices, etc. shall be studied before integration with iSync ERP
Our process

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.


We take a note of every smallest requirement of your institute that is needed to customize the iSYNC ERP as per your needs.


Customise ERP
With every requirement translated as a feature in iSYNC ERP we feed your institute’s latest information.


Do’s and Don’ts
Our team members share with you on how to use the software effectively over a training session.


It is all yours
Once the software is handed over to you, your team is all set to use iSYNC ERP for all the tasks that you wanted it to do.